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Question: How long will it take me to receive my order.
1. For in-stock standard frequency profile items, it's a matter of packing and delivering to the transport depot, normally 2 days.
2. In out of stock product and antenna with customized frequencies 4 - 5 Weeks,
Question: What are the deliveries like right now.
With the popularity of the Outbacker still running strong I am despatching product in just under four weeks. I apologize if this may cause you some inconvenience. I'm a one-man band at the moment and can only play one instrument at any one time. Those lucky enough to already have orders in I thank you for your patience.   For best response please email me through the website, its more direct.
Question: Can I still order from the website.
Yes, put in your order in that's fine,you will then be on the waiting  list, and pay nothing until your order is ready to dispatch. Once packed and ready to go an invoice for payment will be emailed.

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